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XLA/XLB/XLC hydraulic diaphragm dosing pump

Category: Valve and Pump and Hydraulic Motor and Cylinder
Master Model: hydraulic diaphragm dosingOBLviscosity drum
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If you need a specific XLA/XLB/XLC hydraulic diaphragm dosing pump firmware or series. Please call or email us your request.

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• Maximum flow: 1500L/H 

• Maximum outlet pressure: 80 BAR

Features: The technology-leading forced reset type hydraulic diaphragm pump meets the AP1675 standard; the number of parts is small and the cost is low: the built-in safety valve of the oil circuit protects the pump from overpressure; it can be applied to processes and services, etc.; the maintenance cost is low; Meets ATEX Explosion-Standard (94/9/CE) Part 1I Two major categories (1/21 part) and 11th part 3rd category (2/22 part); Applications: Petrochemical and power generation, oil and gas, water and wastewater.

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